This is your chance to ASK AHCA a question about information or an interpretation of a Code, Standard, Rule, Law or process enforced or followed for health care licensing review in the State of Florida.

These questions will be asked to the Architects, Engineers, and Fire Life Safety specialists on the AHCA staff.  Your questions will be gathered online and answered for you with a live panel of staff at the upcoming AHCA Seminar in October.


For the best answer, formulate your question as clearly as possible so you will get a good response. Please include a Code, Standard, or Rule reference number, Edition date of Code, Chapter, Section or Paragraph or other identifying information, where you can. That will make it easier for AHCA to respond to your question with an accurate answer.


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During the "ASK AHCA 2021 Session" at the seminar, answers to all questions received will be provided by AHCA staff.


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Questions Submitted

Name of Code, Standard, Law or if applicable: NFPA 99

Chapter, Section, Paragraph or Identifying location: Chapter 6.4

Add background information: There is a multi story building under design with a skilled nursing home on the first floor and two floors of Assisted Living Facility above. One owner and operator are licensed to operate both the ALF and the nursing home. The building is being designed with one Level I, 500 kVA generator for both the nursing home and the ALF to power the entire building.

Question: Is it permitted to have one Level 1 generator to power the building for both occupancy types?

If the answer is "No" Why not?

If the answer is "Yes" then the following questions are provided:

  1. Is a 4th transfer switch required to isolate the ALF from the Nursing Home?

  2. Is load shedding required to protect the generator?

   3. If the ALF is sold in the future to another operator, will the electrical system have to be separated into two systems and will another generator be required to be installed to meet the ALF requirements?


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